Cages and freedom: visit Sonia Gomes’ solo online exhibition “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me”

Sonia Gomes’ solo online exhibition, “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me”, brings together her recent series of sculptures and drawings whose overarching theme is the idea of freedom and limits, both of our times and with regard to the artist’s own gesture, as informed on both Mendes Wood DM’s and Blum & Poe’s platforms. The title comes from a Maya Angelou poem called “Life does not frighten me”.

The galleries also explain that, over the years, Sonia Gomes has developed her artistic language to reveal the stories, the hidden meanings and the social significance of the fabrics that she uses. To her, this language is the ultimate freedom – the freedom to engage in the destruction and reconstruction of objects and fabrics. This creative process has yielded a new series of fifteen works made with stones and destroyed birdcages.

This series of works were an intense process for Gomes, who stated: “the act of breaking these cages is for me an exercise of freedom using gesture”. On the online platform, there’s a bit of the artist’s trajectory and a video about her exhibition “Still I Rise” as well, which took place in MASP, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2018.

About her creation, the artist also shared that:

“My work is life, it is life’s movement.

Since the beginning, I looked for movement and possibilities,

but also memory. We can’t live without those things”.

You can visit the online exhibition here.

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