Guilherme Ginane opens online exhibition

On July 3, the artist Guilherme Ginane opened the exhibition «Menózada» in the new online space at Galeria Millan. The exhibition features 18 oil paintings on paper and remains on the platform indefinitely.

“In these paintings, memory and the present intersect. The memory of having two older twin brothers who died and were called Cosme and Damião. Since then, devotion to Ibejis has been an almost obsessive theme in my childhood home, in the streets and corners, in offerings and in the long lines to pick up candy on September 27th. The present refers to the urgency of the moment. It is as if in these paintings I strengthened imaginary worlds that are under threat from a political project. When I do these works, I feel that I am putting the force of painting’s formality in favor of preserving spiritual freedoms, which is the constitutive basis of popular beliefs, beliefs that by virtue of capital are subjugated and seen as inferior or even evil ”- Guilherme Ginane

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