PIPA Online 2020 | See the evening bulletin of the 3rd voting day

Until next Sunday, August 2nd, the PIPA Prize website visitors may vote on their favourite artists by accessing their pages. The 56 artists that participate in the category this edition are running for a donation of R$15,000 (fifteen thousand Brazilian reais), which will be given to the artist with the most votes at the end of the second round.

As requested, PIPA’s coordination has decided to publish the bulletins only with the ten first places and the ones that reach the 500 votes to get qualified for the second round. Our goal with those bulletins was solely to provide transparency to the voting system, following the main purpose of the PIPA Online, which is to make the audience get to know the participating artists.

The artists Isael MaxakaliLeandro Vieira, Renata Felinto and Gê Viana are already classified to the second round, with 1309, 635, 537 and 517 votes, respectively.

There will be two rounds of PIPA Online. Only the artists that gain a minimum of 500 votes in this first round are classified to continue to the next. At the end of the first round, the votes are restarted and the count begins again in the second round.

Meet the participating artists and access the instructions, rules and schedule of PIPA Online 2020 here.

See how the scores are at this moment:
(votes counted at 6:50 pm, 28th of July)

Isael Maxakali – 1355
Leandro Vieira – 648
Renata Felinto – 564
Gê Viana – 549
Ventura Profana – 431
Gabriela Mureb – 426
Sallisa Rosa – 410
Raphael Escobar – 404
Marc Davi – 404
Davi de Jesus do Nascimento – 355

Click here to see the first bulletin of the third day of voting, published at 11 am, July 28th.

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