Sofia Borges presents “Inside the Studio”

Sofia Borges is a conceptual artist who has used the photographic medium for over a decade to study philosophical notions on the relationship between matter and meaning. She divides her non-linear research routine between three settings: a home located in a nature reserve, a studio in downtown São Paulo and her old home in the same city. In each of these locations the artist accumulates images captured in prehistoric caves around the world and in museum collections museum, as well as documentation of previously staged performances. Using collage, performance, fire, and layers of pigments, Borges creates images that are so strange that they seem unreal and are often misunderstood as images that have been designed or manipulated using software. Nothing could be further from Borges’ work than this false perception. The radically odd aesthetic of her “traditional photographs” comes from the fact that she builds complex photographic scenarios that are either born from something that exists or from something that is constructed and then photographed.

Now, she presents her studio in the video. To see the complete page click here.

Watch the video:



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