“Video Program X” with Ana Mazzei

Video Program, conceived by our team in collaboration with curator Mirtes Marins de Oliveira, aims to present different works (or their fragments) in a dialogical relationship, highlighting similarities that might serve to reflect on contemporary life.

For the tenth edition we present Ana Mazzei (1980), with the work Dramafobia (2017) articulated to the work of multi-instrumentalist Guilherme Granado, Maurício Takara and Gustavo Riviera, as well as actress and performer Laura Fajngold.

Sound, visual and performative elements are connected in Dramafobia, a musical performance that sets up a space for interactions between audience and performers, was first developed as a proposition in the context of the exhibition of the same name by artist Ana Mazzei, held at Galeria Jaqueline Martins in 2017. A collective creation, the result of meetings for which each participant brought elements for a composition of intensities, rhythms and atmospheres, the performance was treated as an improvised dialogue in which group and personal references were ritualistically articulated in order to also incorporate the audience. The collective creation processes invest in the artists’ research and repertoire in a dialogical, non-hierarchical and also unpredictable relationship, becoming a work that only fully takes place in performance.

For this edition of the Video Program, Dramafobia is, at the same time, concept and development of this conversation between artists who, based on drawings that served as guide, structured a resolution with varying degrees of unpredictability. In addition to Mazzei, its participants are multi-instrumentalists Guilherme Granado and Maurício Takara, vocalist and guitarist Gustavo Riviera – all participants in the independent and alternative music scene in Brazil. Besides them, the piece also presents theater and cinema actress, Laura Fajngold.

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