Watch Deyson Gilbert’s work “Diafragma”

For this week’s episode of Weekend Screening, Mendes Wood DM presents Deyson Gilbert’s work “Diafragma”, a 2’50” long video from 2013. The word “Diaphragm” refers both to the orifice that regulates the diameter and intensity of the light entering the darkroom and to the primary muscle which, in mammalian anatomy in general, is used in respiration, contracting continually as the person breathes in and out.

On the video, you can see a hooded man holding a camera and being hit by another man with LED bulbs. The artist explains that:

“Look, just like this black object carries a diaphragm within itself, each of these men also carries one within himself. Their respective dispositions towards the light and their lungs do nothing more than embody all the structures and processes that unfold in the bowels of these machines at the exact moment when these frames are captured. They, the men, the tortured and the torturers, do nothing more than repeat here out there, in the flesh, what they, the cameras, both visible on the scene and invisible outside, do in their intestines of silver crystals and digits. What is described here is that every professional image is, deep down, the result of torture of what is outside against what is inside”.

Click here to watch Gilbert’s work.

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