Watch Thiago Rocha Pitta’s new video: “A funda morada”

The gallery Casa Triângulo shared this week the video “A funda morada”, the first work carried out by Thiago Rocha Pitta since the pandemic’s rise. As described by the gallery, the work “portrays a door crossed by a lake and it’s inhabitants. The scene, both comforting and disturbing, proposes a radical inversion of architecture (human home par excellence) that is expropriated from it’s original function and transformed into a portal to another possible world”.

The almost-11 minutes-long-video can be understood also when analyzed from the artist’s production perspective, which “is connected to a deep fascination with the subtle transformations of the world around him – the slow erosion and alteration of desert terrain, the descent of a fog and the fluctuations of underwater formations. His installations, videos, and paintings have captured the vibrancy of a living planet by training the viewer’s eye on the slow changes of materials, the physical progressions of miniscule particles of a land, and the sudden shifts in the weather”.

Click here to watch the video.

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