Weekend Screening with Luiz Roque

Mendes Wood DM is proud to present Modern (2014) by Luiz Roque (16mm transferred to video, 4 minutes).

The starting point of Luiz Roque’s Modern is a peculiar study of modern art pieces — and the legacy of Modernism itself — to approach notions of body and gender. From the imposing forms of Henry Moore’s voluptuous sculptures, the artist creates an exciting saga of a crazy and mysterious character, full of desire, and ready to dance to its full potential.

If this ecstatic moving body somehow looks like an animated version of the static pieces it surrounds, the vibration of its nature and choreography goes way beyond easy definitions. In this dreamy story of convergences and antagonisms, petrification and movement, iconography and vulgarity, the canon of art and icons of eroticism, gay culture and 80’s clubber scene go side by side.


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