Meet the winner of PIPA Online 2020!

After 16 days of voting – including the first and second rounds – of PIPA Online 2020, there was an impressive number of votes counted over the two phases distributed amongst the 56 participants in the category, 330,038 votes. On August 23rd, Isael Maxakali won the first place of PIPA Online with 4,191 votes. Isael will receive R$ 15,000 (fifteen thousand Brazilian reais) and must donate a work to the PIPA Institute, which will be defined by the artist and the coordinator.

Once again, the PIPA Online category awards an artist of indigenous origin and assists in the visibility and inclusion of artists with less institutional presence. The online prize category was created to disseminate, through the internet, the work of artists who have a smaller representation in the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis, or who are not from the Southeast Region of the country. In addition, it is important that artists who are not yet represented by galleries to be highlighted with PIPA Online. On our website, through the pages that present works and the trajectory of each artists, all voters have had equal access to the work of all artists.

In 2016, two indigenous artists, Jaider Esbell and Arissana Pataxó were winners and received R$ 10,000 (ten thousand Brazilian reais) and R$ 5,000 (five thousand Brazilian reais), respectively, a donation that could be invested in new works. In 2019, Denilson Baniwa, who was born in the village of Darí, in Amazon, was the winner. His trajectory as an artist began with the cultural references of his people during childhood. The PIPA Prizes values all forms of art and seeks to democratize the access of artists from all regions of the country.


About PIPA Online

PIPA Online is the category of the Prize in which all the artists indicated in the current edition are invited to participate. Participation is not mandatory. The winner is defined by the number of votes received on his or her page, here on the website. The main objective is to spread all the indicated artists and contemporary Brazilian art through the internet.

PIPA respects the freedom of expression and warns that some images of works published on this site may be considered inappropriate for those under 18 years of age Copyright © Instituto PIPA