PIPA Podcast’s ninth episode with Grupo EmpreZa is available now!

The ninth episode of  PIPA Podcast, “O que é o corpo contemporâneo?” (What is the contemporary body?), is available now!

In this episode we talked to Marcela Campos and Helô Sanvoy, from the art collective Grupo EmpreZa.

The Group was founded in 2001, initially as an art performance study and research group, and today it holds a vast repertory of performing actions, happenings and photographic and audiovisual productions. Nowadays, GE is composed by Aishá Kanda, Babidu, Helô Sanvoy, João Angelini, Marcela Campos, Paul Setubal, Paulo Veiga Jordão, Rava and Thiago Lemos, and it researches the inventions and expansions of the body. The members are mostly from Goiás and from the Federal District, in Brazil.

The collective was nominated for PIPA Prize in 2013 and 2018, and was also one of the ten artists selected for the emergency support “PIPA Em Casa” this year. During the conversation, it was debated how we can relate to the body when we need to communicate through screens, through the online environment.

Listen to the episode now here or access it on the streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple podcast, or visit our Youtube channel called Prêmio PIPA. The audio is only available in Portuguese.

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