Visit “Nightscapes”: a viewing room with works concerning the night landscape

Until September 5th, you can visit Galeria Luisa Strinas new online viewing room Nightscapes, which gathers artworks by multiple artists, such as Renata Lucas, Laura Lima, Pedro Motta and Tonico Lemos Auad. Some of the themes developed in the pieces are the dream, the double, the Greek mythology about the weavers Ariadne and Penélope, the astronomical observation and the atmospheric and desert images.

As written in the exhibition’s release,

The theme of the night landscape, covered in all the developments mentioned above, seems crucial to us in the present time, given the psychic need to rest the mind, depressurize, reflect serenely on life and, with that, be able to start dreaming again. Art makes this conscious leap into the darkness of the world plagued by uncertainty. We bet on the magical strength of art to broaden horizons and point out new alternatives for the human imagination.

Tonico Lemos Auad and Laura Lima explore the language of textile art as an ancestral narrative of the peoples of the Americas or as a plot that structures true sculptural masses, light and ineffable, while Pedro Motta and Renata Lucas portray desert landscapes or foresights of the desert that could come to settle in the world, as in a nightmare or dark delusion.

You can access Nightscapes here.

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