Last week to visit Rodrigo Bivar’s online exhibition “Gema”

From August 5 until September 1st, you can visit the online exhibition Gema, by Rodrigo Bivar. It brings together a selection of new works by the artist, produced between 2019 and 2020. In this set, Bivar explores, in an empirical way, the relationship between color and drawing and, without thinking about a project or previous idea for his works, establishes a combinatorial game between application, overlapping and covering up the color, as informed by Galeria Athena.

As written on the exhibition’s page:

That is the challenge that seems to be posed by Rodrigo Bivar’s paintings: to see without giving a meaning; to let thoughts run free and turn the eyes into a pair of sponges; to see colors without naming them; to see forms without defining them; to perceive the difference and incorporate it.

Concerning his own work, Bivar explains:

The works presented in the exhibition ‘Gema’ are a development of the painting that I had already been doing: with organic forms, which sometimes refer to the forms of something recognizable from nature.

The process of these works began four years ago, after a period of production focused on abstract painting – a painting that was born in the artistic practice itself, and had no relation to recognizable forms of nature, except for color. 

On Gema’s page, there’s also a video from Bivar’s studio in which the artist talks about his production and his artistic trajectory, and he explains that the exhibition’s title comes from the idea of something fundamental (this video is only available in Portuguese).

You can visit the online viewing room here.

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