Watch Leticia Ramos’ “The Blue Night”

For this week’s episode of Weekend Screening, Mendes Wood DM presents Leticia Ramos’ work “The Blue Night”, a 5’09” long video from 2017.

The gallery explains the idea behind the piece:

“Leticia Ramos’ The Blue Night is inspired by entries from the logbook of the São Paulo-based inventor and photographer Hercules Florence (1804-1879), who developed early photographic techniques at the same time that Louis Daguerre was working in France. Ramos has photographed the clouds and stars above the picturesque valleys and bluffs of Chapada Diamantina National Park, which Florence shot one evening in 1827, and animated them using stop-motion graphics, mounted on microfilm. Birdsong, produced by a theremin, serves as a score. The film animates an ancient landscape, and although it references the past, it also evokes a dystopic future”.

You can watch “The Blue Night” here.

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