Cinthia Marcelle participates in a group show

The re-opening of the Berlin non-profit art space SAVVY Contemporary is marked by the exhibition “Raupenimmersattism. The Affluent Society as Consumed Society or The Myth of Endless Production and Consumption”. Cinthia Marcelle is one of the artists participating in the group show, from September 26, to November 22, 2020.
The project RAUPENIMMERSATTISM grapples with what affluence, growth and degrowth have meant, mean, and will mean to societies, problematising the myth of endless consumption and our cultures of affluence, in particular within the context of Berlin and Germany. The curators look at the paradoxes of a space like Germany and other “strong economies”, whose strength more often than not relies on the weakness of others. Since the inception of the project – one year ago – what they wanted to understand is the sudden possibility of volatile change, the violence embedded in the structures we inhabit so precariously, and the possibilities or impossibilities of a sustainable future.

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