Gabriela Noujaim participates in the International Women Biennial of Art of Macau SAR

ARTFEM 2020, the second edition of the International Women Biennial of Art of Macau SAR, revolves around the theme Natura. By adopting a thematical strategy, the curatorial team pursued two intents: one, it aimed at creating a unified exhibition in which all artists reflected personally about a globally relevant topic – the natural world –, and two, to pay tribute to women’s role in bringing the environment crisis to the foreground. As such, while Natura reflects women’s relationship with nature, it equally procures to acknowledge various acts of social agency that have been and are being practiced by women.
From September 30 to December 13th, 2020, the Biennial of Macau – 2020 ArtFem, receives artworks from 96 women artists from different countries. Gabriela Noujaim (1983) is one of these artists, presenting “Mapas, Raposa Serra do Sol e Guardiões da Floresta” (2020).

The curatorship is signed by Alice Kok, Angela Li Zhenxiang, James Chu, Leonor Veiga and Carlos Marreiros. Gabriela Noujaim is represented by Simone Cadinelli Gallery.

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