Moisés Patrício is now represented by Estação Gallery and Karla Osorio Gallery

Estação Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil) and Karla Osorio Gallery (Federal District, Brazil) announce the representation of Moisés Patrício. In October, the artist will present his new solo show at Estação Gallery. The exhibition, called “Exuberante”, includes unseen artworks created during the pandemic, as well as an overall view of his recent works.

Below, you can read the text published about the representation:

Estação Gallery and Karla Osorio Gallery have the pleasure to announce the representation of Moisés Patrício. During the last decade, Patrício (born in 1984 in São Paulo, lives and works in São Paulo) has become known for staging big and complex exhibitions that explore the profoundly rooted mechanisms of identity construction for individuals and societies. Addressing the inherent contradictions of images and narratives creation – from social media and self-representation to marketing and story formation – Patrício delights in the complexity and paradox of our simultaneous search for fantasy and authenticity. Crossing multiple media, from sculpture and installation to video, painting and mining worlds as diverse as advertising and archeology, Moisés Patrício’s works are a constant report on the sources of the real world from which they are inspired. However, instead of simply presenting comments, the artist creates an unique universe of his own – one that is populated by new challenging and often absurd narratives that are so intellectually rigorous as they are emotionally stimulating.

You can visit here the artist’s page at Estação Gallery’s website.
And you can visit his page at Karla Osorio Gallery’s website here.
Clicking here you can check out more works by the artist.

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