See the new works acquired by PIPA Institute

The PIPA Institute has recently acquired some works, four pieces by Ana Paula Oliveira and one painting by André Griffo. See the works below.

André Griffo lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He was nominated for PIPA Prize in 2014, 2018 and 2019. In 2018, PIPA Institute acquired two pieces of him: “O Golpe, a prisão e outras manobras incompatíveis com a democracia” and “Aproximação Forçada”. The first one was lended by the Institute to participate in exhibitions in other institutions.

He holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism and has been working in Visual Arts since 2009. His works are reflections related to Brazilian society. The research of images for his works is done through visits to different urban spaces. Our most recent acquisition was a large-scale painting that drew the attention of the Institute’s board when it was presented on video for PIPA Em Casa (emergency support during the period of social isolation, caused by Covid-19). See the details below:

André Griffo, “O vendedor de miniaturas”, paint and oil pastels, colored pencils and graphite on canvas, 177 x 223 cm.

See the video of the painting:

Ana Paula Oliveira was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and now lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She was nominated for PIPA Prize in 2010 and 2014. She was the winner of the first edition of PIPA Online, in 2010. In a video interview, the artist mentioned how the Prize helped broaden her audience. In 2017, she spontaneously donated the object book “Vouindo”, artist’s book resulting from the 2016 Proac Edital Award. The Institute always followed the artist’s work and finally in 2020 acquired the 4 works below.

“Ana Paula Oliveira creates, with her sculptures and installations, situations of tension and balance between materials, sometimes very raw, sometimes very delicate. Their work seems to put us in a state of suspension, witnesses of a disaster that is about to occur, but unable to have any kind of control over what is presented. The artist causes several types of encounters in her pieces and installations, such as between live animals, taxidermized or cast in lead and wooden logs, iron blocks or glass plates; contrasting, through gestures or violent situations, the lightness of one to the strength of the other. ”

Ana Paula Oliveira (four pieces below)

  • “Porninho”, 2013, vidro e ninho de passarinho metalizado, 40x140cm
  • ‘Da série Vistanã”, 2016, vidro e pássaro taxidermizado, 100x40cm
  • ‘Da série Vistanã”, 2013, vidro e pássaro taxidermizado, 60x60cm
  • “Indo adentro”, 2010, metal e pássaro taxidermia, 90x180cm

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