"Untitled #16 (Pre-tax Income Inequality, World, 1990-2015)", 2020, from "Totalities" series, acrylic, varnish, and ink marker on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

Visit artworks by Pedro Victor Brandão on the online version of the Swiss fair Liste

Between September 14th and 20th, 2020, 3 paintings by Pedro Victor Brandão, from the series Totalities, will be presented by Sé Gallery at Liste Showtime, a new online format from the Swiss fair Liste, that brings together 72 galleries from 35 countries.

As informed by Sé Gallery, the selected works point to the issue of income inequality in the world and in specific macro-regions, continuing the artist’s long research on the concept of economic landscape. Totalities series informs abstract fields of color using data visualization techniques that reflect on capital accumulation, transfer and extraction regimes.

Liste Showtime also includes a project entitled “Rewriting Our Imaginations”, inspired by an essay written by science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson for The New Yorker magazine. For the project, each participating artist designed a poster on a moment when life as we knew it was interrupted, and what used to exist only in the imagination became reality. “Rewriting Our Imaginations” asks readers how new futures can be imagined, when fiction and reality mix. The posters are being displayed publicly on the streets of Basel between September 2nd and the 15th, and files in PDF format will be available for purchased on the platform.

To visit the online version of Liste from September 14th, click here.

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