"Bicho estranho", 2013, Oil, acrylic and spray on canvas Dimensions (cm): 200 x 150 cm

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After the pandemic break, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery reopens now with a new calendar. On October 3rd, the Parisien institution releases “La rue”, Eduardo Fonseca’s first solo show in Paris, France. The artist is from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Eduardo Fonseca endeavors to show us his young vision, coming from the urban universe. Concerning the individual experience with the city, with the urban hazards and cohabitation issues, he manages to present us the street art and with the contemporaneity of our cities. Immersed in the figurative painting, he perceives the street as a living space and tries to portrait, in his painting, the characters who inhabit the urban scene.

“As a result of his extremely explicit and realistic pictorial language Eduardo Fonseca leads us to the understanding of his works relating to the street, however transforming his figurative universe into abstract reflections on life which are only understandable through colors”, Ricardo Fernandes, the curator.

“La rue”, solo show with Eduardo Fonseca
Curator Ricardo Fernandes
Scenography Ricardo Fernandes

Ricardo Fernandes Gallery
Opening October 3rd, 2020 (from 2pm to 6pm)
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