The finalists of PIPA Prize 2020 takeover the website until November 14

Do you want to know more about the finalists of PIPA 2020? Are you curious to know what the artists produced during this year or what are the future projects of Gê Viana, Maxwell Alexandre, Randolpho Lamonier, and Renata Felinto? From Monday, the 19th, the four artists will present original content here on the PIPA Prize website. They are making videos, selecting photos, and telling how their artistic trajectory was exclusively for the Finalists takeover 2020.

The idea of ​​a take over arose from this period when the exhibition of the finalists of the PIPA Prize 2020 would be on display at Paço Imperial, in Rio de Janeiro. Then, from October 19 to November 13, the artists will fill our website with content created and elaborated by them. Each week will be dedicated to one finalist, completing four weeks of the Finalists takeover 2020. We do not aim to replace the postponed exhibition, which must happen in 2021, but to create a feasible meeting between PIPA 2020 finalists and the virtual audience.

On Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, we will post excerpts of videos and photos of works every day. We will also post fragments of critical texts and interviews made by the PIPA Institute curator Luiz Camillo Osorio with the finalists in recent months.
In the post on the website, all this material will be in full (texts and videos) as an online exhibition. Some of these materials are unpublished, recently recorded by the finalists for the takeover. Keep an eye out and learn more about the PIPA 2020 finalists from Monday!

PIPA respects the freedom of expression and warns that some images of works published on this site may be considered inappropriate for those under 18 years of age
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