Ivani Pedrosa is selected to international exhibition

“Several people must be unaware that their internal structures flow organic pipes that form an extraordinary network through which exocrine secretions travel, expelled through ducts. They are salivary, lacrimal, sweat, mucous secretions. Through them the virus proliferates. Let us try to understand the historical moment in which we find ourselves, where Man has been deprived of the playfulness that permeates his existence. Given this observation, I create the figure of biotic-abiotic. This being, half machine, half people, in fact exists and proliferates in the flabby bosom of contemporaneity. The biotic-abiotic has a heart that beats and, at times, synthetic dandrops hang, fluttering-confetti-carnival in the hour. It is a fact that these two-part structures differ from refrigerators or vacuum cleaners.Of course, after all, there are heads on their shoulders who decide between a Nike or Adidas sneaker, paid in 24 installments”. – Nelson Ricardo Martins, curator. 

ART VEINE, with the project “What About Tomorrow?”, is part of the purposeful flow of thinking about other models that will enable the strengthening of the field; another paradigm that is inclusive and not exclusive. It is a hand in hand journey with the turn to build another planet, dictated by the utopias to be rescued. The international initiative gathers some artists who present mainly videos, photographs and paintings. Ivani Pedrosa is one of these artists.

Ivani Pedrosa, through a poetic-photographic essay “Intimidade descoberta”(2020) involving the wedding dress of her wedding, kept 42 years ago in a closet and which was supposed to have been donated, seeks to express a new tomorrow post-pandemic with the construction of paradigms aimed at a world where, above all, the human factor is valued at the expense of a society that empties the individual, imposing a superficial and consumerist view. (Ivani Pedrosa)

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