The series of actions “here, hence” featuring Henrique César can be visited online

Vermelho art gallery scheduled sequential actions that will take place in the gallery’s main room, the white cube, with no opening or end dates, under the name here, hence. The white cube will initially be occupied by a work that, after an indefinite period that can vary from a few days to weeks, will be overtaken by the work of another artist. These actions will be documented and made available for viewing on Vermelho’s social networks as “in a cinematographic clip, an ‘image-mouvement'”. As explained on Vermelho’s website,  “The program will present installations, projections, actions and performances by artists from the gallery that will unfold over time as three-dimensional images”. The proposition creates readings and approximations surrounding a reflection about the seclusion period, the pandemic, the multiple national and global crises and the artistic making.

The first intervention is Infiltração (Infiltration), 2020, a mural painting by Henrique César. The painting imitates marks of moisture resulting from leaks that become visible when the inner layer of the wall is already corrupted.

You can find bellow a piece from Vermelho’s text concerning the ideia of the exhibition:

“Sometimes sharing the same time and space, these works will seek explicit links based on coexistence in a kind of unfolding of the confinement to which we are subjected. This being a text on Art, it would be possible to use the term contamination of one work by another, but in a situation of pandemic proportions with over a million deaths worldwide, it’s time to avoid this term and use something more appropriate. It is a moment for emotional distance”.

The show can be visited in person (in São Paulo, SP, Brazil) or online, on this link.

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