Da série "Medida", 2020

“A Fábrica do Corpo Humano”: Nino Cais’ solo exhibition also available online

Nino Cais presents his new solo show at Casa Triângulo (Brazilian art gallery in São Paulo), “A Fábrica do Corpo Humano” (The Human Body Factory), and its title alludes to the pioneering anatomy atlas “De Humani Corporis Fabrica”, published in 1543 by Belgian doctor Andreas Vesalius. The exhibition, which can also be visited online, gathers a set of collages and interventions made on pages of books, objects and photographs, combined with an installation consisting of a fence and a volume of shirts. With artworks conceived from a recurring theme in the artist’s production, the body as the matrix of everything that exists in the world, the show explores the relationships between body and space.

As explained on the exhibition’s viewing room, “‘If the body at any time guides the construction of space, architecture also shapes and restricts the body’ through this thought, Nino Cais highlights this relational complexity in his production, placing the body as the original point of reference for everything that surrounds it. Whether the artist registers himself in his photographs, relating to everyday objects, or even when he relies on canonical images, Nino questions the intermediation of objects with the body and the world”.

You can check out bellow a quote by Cauê Alves concerning Cais’ production:

“The body, his own and others’, constitutes one of the central elements of the artist’s investigation: it is image represented and direct experience with the world. This is a body that returns to itself to investigate its capabilities and limitations and, hence, reflects on its own acts, postures and connections to objects”.

To visit the exhibition on the online format, click here.

Da série “Medida”, 2020

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