“c·a·m·a”: a new visual arts platform

On October 29th, a collaborative platform created and organized collectively by young agents in the contemporary art market was released. The so-called c·a·m·a aims to be “A ground for horizontal relations in the cultural circuit, with the intention of debating on the accessibility and transparency of the environment, the professionalization and responsibilities of its individuals, the maintenance of the memory of extinct spaces and other necessary conversations”.

This initiative was conceived at the end of 2019 during weekly virtual meetings between the directors of galleries Ana Elisa Cohen (Cavalo), João Azinheiro (Kubikgallery), Rodrigo Mitre (Periscópio), Adriano Casanova (CASANOVA), Felipe R Pena (Cavalo) and Julia Morelli, director of the project space and publisher 55SP. The platform plans to launch several physical and digital projects developed together. As a first act, c·a·m·a inaugurates a digital content platform focused on the visual arts and its conceptual aspects, with interviews, reviews, editorials, artists’ essays, exhibition archives, commissioned projects, a podcast and more. You can check out c·a·m·a here.

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