“Paridade”, 2018, photography and photo-collage, first layer: “Hildenehomem Sousa”, by Gê Viana, second layer: “Little.Big.Man.Oglala.Sioux.”

Gê Viana and Renata Felinto were selected for the Collection of Brazilian Photographers, in France

The artists Gê Viana and Renata Felinto were selected to be a part of the Collection of Brazilian Photographers of the National Library of France (Bibliothèque Nationale de France – BnF), which belongs to France’s Ministry of Culture – federal collection of photographs (inalienável aeternum) and is composed of a group of Brazilian contemporary photographers.

The collection’s curatorship is signed by Héloïse Conésa (Chief Curator of the Patrimony, responsible for the collection of Contemporary Photography – Department of Printing and Photography – BnF, France) and Ricardo Fernandes (Independent curator, Member of the Association of Art Museum Curators of NY (AAMC), USA).

Ricardo explains the concept of the collection:

“This collection highlights the dynamism of the Brazilian contemporary photographic scene and offers a journey reflecting the different facets of Brazil: its history, its urban or natural landscapes, its ethnic interbreeding, and it also evokes the repercussions of globalization in this country prey to new ecological and socio-political challenges. Beyond the themes addressed, it is also to propose a selection of works, among the most representative of the transition period between Brazilian modernist, postmodernist and current photography. It is a question of showing the strength of these movements which marked the history of the photography in Brazil and which accompanied the technical upheavals of the medium”.

To read the full curatorial text and learn more about the idea behind the collection, click here.

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Renata Felinto: “Axé-Marias”, 2019

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