Patricia Leite, "Olha pro céu meu amor", Mendes Wood DM, Brussels, 2018

Check out a curatorial text about Patricia Leite’s production

On November 29, Mendes Wood DM shared, on its Sunday Reading, the text Olha pro céu, meu amor by Camila Bechelany on the occasion of Patricia Leite’s 2nd exhibition at the gallery, 2018.

You can find bellow an extract of the text in which Bechalany analyzes the artist’s production and the meaning behind the sky on her paintings:

“Leite’s practice invites us to consider the relationship between light and all objects. Observing an innate life in all elements, the painter animates them or expresses their poetry. Olha pro céu, meu amor [Look at the sky, my love] follows Leite’s continued investigation of landscape, presenting a series of works themed on the sky. Here, the sky is multiplicity: it appears as the background and the figure, the landscape and the environment, the source and the event of light, the continent and the content…”.

Bechelany also reflects on the exhibition’s title, saying that it is an invitation:

“an invitation to pause, to catch a glimpse of infinity, to recognize yourself in the world, in reality. To look at the sky, the multiplicity that surrounds us, which is the very rhythm of life. Perhaps it is only by looking up that we might begin to understand the imminent catastrophic consequences of the “falling sky,” which Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, a Brazilian indigenous shaman, famously forewarned us about”.

To read the full text, click here and, on the left side of the page, click on “text”.

Mendes Wood DM also shared an “inside the studio” video of Patricia Leite in which she talks about her production during quarantine and about how she perceives the act of drawing. You can watch it bellow:

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