See the new works acquired by PIPA Institute

The PIPA Institute has recently acquired some works by Ibã huni Kuin (Isaías Sales), nominated to PIPA 2016, and Elias Maroso, nominated to PIPA Prize 2020. Two months ago, we announced five new pieces to our collection: four pieces by Ana Paula Oliveira and one painting by André Griffo.

Aiming to create and share a relevant collection of Brazilian contemporary art, since 2010 we acquire works by artists who have participated in any edition of the Prize. See the new works by Isaías and Elias below:

Ibã huni Kuin (Isaías Sales) is a txana (singing master) of what constitutes the MAHKU – Artistic Movement of the Huni Kuin. The Huni Kuin community lives on the border of Brazil and Peru, but they are also spread out amongst several indigenous lands in the state of Acre, Brazil. They speak the hatxa kuin dialect, belonging to the linguistic family Pano. They have a history of close contact with the ‘seringalista’ economy – owners of farmlands who dealt with the extraction of natural rubber from the Hevea plants, which dominated the Amazonian region during a crucial period of the XX century.

This drawing below is named “YUBE NAWA AIBU” [people women snake], 2020, pen on paper, 30 x 40 cm. The art piece was made by Cleber Pinheiro Sales Kaxinawa, a participant of MAKHU (Huni Kuin Artists Movement) and coordinated by Ibã Sales Huni Kuin.

Elias Maroso  is a PhD student in Visual Arts (PPGAV/UFRGS) with an emphasis on Visual Poetics. He graduated (BA) in Visual Arts (UFSM), Contemporary Aesthetics (Universidad de la República, Montevideo/Uruguay), and made a specialization in Surface Design (PGDS/UFSM) and Master’s Degree in Art and Technology (PPGART/UFSM). Currently developing individual research focused on three-dimensional language, urban intervention, and applied electronics. Member of the research groups Veículos da Arte (CNPq/UFRGS) and Arte & Design (CNPq/UFSM). Elias is dedicated to research and produce art pieces at the intersection of art and technology.

Below, two pieces: “Ok/cancel” (2020), (five first images) and “Criptocromo”, 2019 (three last images).

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