Last weeks to visit “PUSH THE LIMITS”: group show featuring Cinthia Marcelle

(Torino, Italy)

Until January 31, you can visit PUSH THE LIMITS, a group show that brings together 17 artists, including Cinthia Marcelle, and that marks the reopening of Fondazione Merz, closed due to COVID 19. The gallery returns with this major exhibition project, curated by Claudia Gioia and Beatrice Merz, which offers an invitation to go further and to work to shape the future.

As  explained on the gallery’s website, “PUSH THE LIMITS investigates how art takes itself to the limit to move the horizon of thinking, perception and speech ever further in order to introduce new elements; to say yes or no when ‘normality’ falters; to highlight what is proposed in the present and to prevent a situation to merely treading water”. Concerning the organization of the show, “The exhibition, which fills the interior and exterior spaces of the Fundazione, is structured as a continuous discourse, presenting questions and different realities, some of which are already understood and seemingly outdated, some are unfamiliar and call for a new system of communication to be explained”.

To know more about the exhibition, click here.

PUSH THE LIMITS, with Cinthia Marcelle
From September 7, 202o, to January 31, 2021

Fondacione Merz
via Limone 24, 10141 Torino, Italy
phone +39 011 19719437

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