Last weeks to see “El círculo que faltaba”

(Medellín, Colombia)

Jonathas de Andrade participates in the group show “El círculo que faltaba”. It takes place from October 30 until February 2nd, 2020, at the Museu De Arte Moderno, in Medellín, Colombia. The opening will be tomorrow at 6:30 pm, and the main theme of the exhibition is the shared experience of death in the South American countries  and in the Caribbean.

The experience mentioned has been manifested in different ways since colonial times, such as the embodiment of the slave economy of early capitalism; the missing people, victims of the military dictatorships, guerrillas and civil wars that hit countries like Guatemala, Paraguay, Chile, Peru or Argentina throughout much of the XX Century. Or, as mentioned in the show’s release, the souls lost to the war on drugs that countries like Mexico and Colombia launched on their own populations.

Interested in the social landscape of Latin America, the project “will address specific episodes of the political, economical and social history of the continent, to explore the role that corpses counted and missing souls play in the world of the living, not only as victims of institutionalized violence, but also as emancipatory agents at the center of new political formations; not only as the persistent memories of the past, but also as the watchful expectations of the future”, as explained in the exhibition’s release.

“El círculo que faltaba” gathers multiple characters, stories and facts, aiming to trace the marks left by fears and desires in different times and spaces of the continent, and seeking to reveal the connective paths between facts and places, objects and subjects, victims and perpetrators, witnesses and narrators, actors and spectators. The project provides multiple materials of different medias, created by international artists and collaborating institutions, and these creations will result in a nonlinear narrative to tell stories of the past and imagine scripts for the future.

“El círculo que faltaba”, group show featuring Jonathas de Andrade
From October 30 until February 2nd

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín
Carrera 44 N° 19A-100, Medellín, Antioquia
Tel: +(574) 444 2622

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