"The view from the widow", 2020, projection 7'' sound

Check out “The view from the widow”: video by Marcius Galan, Carlo Issa and Newton Leitão

The artist Marcius Galan created the video The view from the widow in partnership with Carlo Issa and Newton Leitão. About the work, from 2020 and around 7 minutes long, Tiago Mesquita wrote the text “A love film”, from which you can find a fragment bellow:

“Like the yellow bands of his sculptures, the hook in The View from The Widow, (…) is one of those architectural elements which, in losing the function it has always been assigned, also loses some of its meanings while reinforcing others. In the film, it is a solitary theatrical character with a low voice who is drawn to conversation by its memories and deliriums. It lies alone, surrounded by a future that has been abandoned. The object of its obsession is a mobile by Alexander Calder, which it sustained for years in a servile and loving way, and is no longer there (will it return?). A mirage remains, perhaps, the work of old age or retirement”.

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You can watch the film bellow:

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