A mistake in the catalogue and an apology

The PIPA Prize team would like to make an erratum concerning the PIPA 2020 catalogue through this text.

Unfortunately, there was a mistake on page 108, in which the critical text about Renata Felinto’s work starts. At some point during the process of organizing the information for the catalogue and diagramming, instead of putting the name of the author of the text, Fabiana Lopes, the translator’s name (Portuguese to English), Chris Burden, was inserted. 

As soon as we noticed the error, very recently, we immediately contacted the artist and the curator Fabiana Lopes to apologize directly, explaining what happened and informing them the possible measures. The catalogue’s PDF version, which is available for download on both of our websites, has already been corrected and has the right authorship.

Right now all the catalogues have already been delivered, and many copies have already reached their final destination. Thus, the first action is to report the error on PIPA’s platforms. In addition to the websites and social media profiles, an email will be sent to everyone who received the catalogue. Attached to it, there will be page 108 with the mistake corrected and the request that each person prints the updated version or that they write manually in their copy the right name. An erratum will also be included in the 2021 catalogue regarding the previous edition.

We’d also like to share some corrections that need to be made on Pedro Victor Brandão’s catalogue pages. The title of the cellphones piece is wrong in the English version: the right one is “No Repair #20”. Besides that, the name of one of the galleries that represent the artist is written as “Portas Vila Seca”, and it should be “Portas Vilaseca”. Lastly, a residency that the artist didn’t participate in was wrongly included in his bio in English: please, disregard “ICCo / SP-Arte at Residency Unlimited (USA, 2014)”. 

The PIPA team sincerely apologizes and commits to working so that mistakes like these do not happen again.

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