Jonathas de Andrade and Luiz Braga participate in Guangzhou Image Triennial 2021

Guangzhou Image Triennial 2021, which takes place at Guangdong Museum of Art from March 9th to May 20th, consists of a theme exhibition and an archive exhibition, and the chosen theme is “Rethinking Collectivity” (重思集体). The event invited dozens of artists, film directors and scholars from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, screenings, academic forums and location-specific art projects. Among the artists are Jonathas de Andrade and Luiz Braga.

Check out bellow a bit about the ideia behind the theme:

“We have never been worried about the world as much as we do today. The feeling of crisis has been lurking beneath, on the one hand, the long-standing conflicts internal to humansociety, the blindly accelerating technological development, and the deteriorating environment. On the other hand, the panic over the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated such worries. We are suffering from a sense of helplessness while facing these unknown threats, as well as a stronger sense of isolation and loneliness facing the persistent global turmoil. The world has fallen into a greater predicament amid the anti-globalization processes. The cultural and artistic milieux likewise share the same worries. Facing an unknown future, the destiny of humankind is once again entwined with each other. Yet, the short vacuum of pause has also provided us room for reflection, for rethinking collectively. Rethinking collectivity is not only a review of history but, more importantly, an exploration of the wider possibilities of coexistence in the present and in the future”.

Wang Shaoqiang, Director of Guangdong Museum of Art, will be the chief director of the Triennial and the curator of the archive exhibition. The theme exhibition will be co-curated by Gerardo Mosquera, Hyperimage Group (Dong Bingfeng, Xiang Zairong, Teng Yuning), and Yang Beichen.

To know more about the Guangzhou Image Triennial 2021, click here.

Guangzhou Image Triennial 2021
From March 9th to May 20th

Guangdong Museum of Art
 38 Yanyu Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
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