"Together we are stronger", 2019, entrance of Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. Photo: Bertiebo

Listen now to “Arte Urbana” (Urban Art, with Panmela Castro): the third episode of PIPA Podcast’s second season

Mariana Casagrande and Alexia Carpilovsky, from the PIPA Prize team, had a conversation with Panmela Castro for the new episode of PIPA Podcast. The artist talked about the beginning of her career and about her experience with the urban space, which made her be considered “queen of Brazilian graffiti”. Panmela also extended the concept of urban art in her work to interventions and performances, and she addressed her art and human rights projects from Rede NAMI, created to assist black women and women from the urban periphery.

Listen to the third episode of the second season now here or access it on the streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple podcast, or visit our Youtube channel ‘Prêmio PIPA’. The audio is only available in Portuguese.

All podcast episodes are being recorded remotely, through videoconference.

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