Patricia Leite: "Tapete voador", 2021, oil on wood, 25 x 30 cm, 9 7/8 x 11 3/4 in

“Male Nudes: a salon from 1800 to 2021” gathers works from multiple artists in an OVR

From March 25th to May 31st, Mendes Wood DM presents the online version of the group exhibition Male Nudes: a salon from 1800 to 2021, which features 48 artists from different times and backgrounds. Among them are Adriano Costa, Patricia Leite, Paulo Nazareth, Antonio Obá, Rodolpho Parigi, Luiz Roque and Erika Verzutti. Beyond the paintings, sculptures and photographs, on the online viewing room you can find texts about the symbology of male nudity throughout history and quotes by artists from diverse contexts. The physical presentation of the show will take place at Mendes Wood DM São Paulo after the lockdown.

Check out bellow a bit about the idea behind the exhibition:

“Intersecting representations of the male nude, the show proposes to reflect on the concepts of copy, imitation, image, time and decline.

These works are presented as constellations of bodies present in art, bringing together, in a reference to the Salon des Refusés of 1787, a representation of the body that evokes a game of imitation inherent to artistic practice, both in its moral aspect and as a language tool, fully exposing the fragilities of the portrayed body, its impossibility, beauty and temporality”.

To visit the OVR for Male Nudes: a salon from 1800 to 2021, click here.

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