PIPA Prize 2021: a new edition, a different focus

Each year, PIPA Prize, which celebrates in 2021 its twelfth edition, affirms its relevance for Brazilian contemporary art. PIPA’s website gathers 480 artists’ profile pages and brings together exclusive content that constitutes a rich research source about the current Brazilian art scene. Prominent artists such as Gê Viana, Maxwell Alexandre, Randolpho Lamonier, and Renata Felinto who, in an unprecedented decision, were awarded as the four winners and are sharing the PIPA Prize 2020, are part of our history.

This year the Prize has some changes in the concept, with two goals in mind: focusing on more recent production and creating a stronger connection between the Prize and PIPA Institute. 

The Nominating Committee members will nominate up to three visual artists with a career trajectory no longer than 10 years (from the first solo or group show), focusing on the latest production in the artistic circuit. For their nominations, the following parameters should be considered: the distinguished production and the relevance of the Prize for better development and growth of the artist, still in an early stage of his career.

The PIPA Prize Board will choose five artists from the nominees, amongst those who confirm their participation in PIPA Prize 2021. These five Selected Artists will participate in an exhibition/takeover on the Prize’s websites and social media, producing new content for the event. The idea is for it to be a virtual exhibition of the Selected Artists showing and promoting their artworks, without establishing a competition between the five of them. Each one will receive a donation of R$10,000

Unlike previous years, in which the winners donated a piece of work to the Institute,  the Selected Artists will not be asked for any donations. The news in PIPA 2021 matches our goal to contemplate more artists on the Prize’s trajectory, as well as to make our collection more diverse and pluralistic. We want to distribute widely the Institute’s resources and to encourage other artists that have already participated in past editions by commissioning and acquiring new pieces. Thus, each year we try to balance the investment between PIPA’s participating artists, beyond only the selected, finalists and winners.  

PIPA Online 2021 continues to be optional for all participants in this edition and the online voting system remains in two rounds. Just like in the previous years, in the first round, people must vote in at least three artists. In the second round, the voter must choose only one among the artists that received more than 500 votes in the first round. Finally, PIPA Online 2021 rewards the two most voted artists, and each one will receive, at the end of the second round of voting, a donation of R$5,000. This virtual showcase, which seeks to be 100% democratic and decentralized, is more relevant for the artists outside of the Rio-São Paulo area that are not represented by any gallery: through the voting, they find a way to mobilize people and, thus, to disseminate even more their work. The winners of the last two editions of PIPA Online, Denilson Baniwa (2019) and Isael Maxakali (2020), both indigenous artists, are examples of this goal.

On April 23rd, we will present 2021’s Nominating Committee which will choose the artists of this twelfth edition. The nominated artists will be announced in bulletins from May 3rd to 7th. 

All of this edition’s participants will have individual pages on PIPA’s websites, which will add up to the 480 already existing ones, and they will appear on the 2021 catalog. They will also be invited to record a video interview for our YouTube channel. The making and the exposure of this material aims to work as a showcase for the artists to share their creations and reinforce PIPA’s goal to be the window into Brazilian contemporary art.

At last, we would like to add that we are not abolishing in-person exhibitions, but those will be held through PIPA Institute, its collection, commissioning works, and guest artists, when the pandemic is over and when the events with large audiences are safe. The next exhibition is scheduled to October, at Paço Imperial, Rio the Janeiro, to celebrate the 2021 four winners.


Visit the Regulation’s page to know more about the changes in PIPA 2021, and check out the 2021 calendar and the Board’s page to know who are the members. Stay tuned for more announcements and news!


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