Work by Lyz Parayzo

“Transport Commun – Volet 1”: group show presents Lyz Parayzo

(Paris, France)

Lyz Parayzo participates in the group show Transport Commun – Volet 1 (Collective Transport – part 1), which brings together a selection of works from the Société Générale Art Collection and guest artists organized by the independent curator Marie-Ann Yemsi. As shared on the exhibition’s page, “As the global health crisis keeps on isolating people dramatically, the Cultural Patronage of Societe Generale chooses to focus, more than ever, on what brings us together. With the dialogue between different art pieces in mind, its goal is to think about new ways of existing”.

Read a bit about the ideia behind the show:

“On a global scale, as our time seems rife with tensions and the future with uncertainty, art proves to be the ideal meeting place: the exhibition has been built around echoes and affinities between works from the Collection and pieces from guest emerging artists. It is a place to explore the increased fragility of our relationships to others, ourselves, and the environment, and where a new ecology of life flourishing with hope and harmony can be drawn. There, the human form seems to struggle with a fragmented world, between its tendency to withdraw and its craving for freedom. The body is a meeting place, an interface between the self, the other, and the world. The artists tackle many contemporary issues such as migration, deterritorialization processes, exclusion, discrimination by race, sex, and gender, and the decolonization of knowledge and collective representations”.

To read the full text, click here. The second part of “Transport Commun” will take place in September, 2021.

Check out bellow a teaser trailer of the exhibition, in which Lyz Parayzo says “My work is about violence and desire”.
Most of the audio and the subtitles are only available in French:

“Transport Commun – Volet 1”, featuring Lyz Parayzo
From April 8th, 2021

Société Générale
Tours Société Générale, 17 cours Valmy, 92800 Puteaux
From Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm

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