Ricardo Basbaum, 'Corte de Cabelo', 1987, photograph, performative action

Watch ‘Interview Program I’, with Ricardo Basbaum and Robert Barry

‘Interview Program’ is a new cycle of online activities conceived by Galeria Jaqueline Martins. In each edition, two artists develop a free dialogue, with no pre-established guidelines or limitations. The first edition, presented live on March 25, Robert Barry developed a dialogue with Ricardo Basbaum.

Although they come from different contexts, countries, and generations, both artists have become known for presenting works that articulate sensorial experiences, sociability, and language. While Robert Barry came to such proposals through the development of North American conceptual art, where the use of texts and words sought to bring the work into the mind of the observer – no longer depending on actions or objects constructed by the artist – Ricardo Basbaum, on the other hand, resumed the participatory experiences of the 60s and brought to a post-dictatorship Brazil of the 80s and 90s the freedom to again be able to ask, without censorship, “would you like to participate in an artistic experience?”.

Watch the full conversation in the video below:

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