Ana Mazzei: "GHOSTS", 2017, acrylic paint, aniline and varnish on wood, iron and linen, 176 x 283 x 124 cm

“INCOMPLETE…” features Ricardo Basbaum and Ana Mazzei

Until May 22nd, Galeria Jaqueline Martins presents INCOMPLETE…, a group exhibition inspired by the recent conversation between Robert Barry and Ricardo Basbaum, arranged as part of the gallery’s online Interview Program (click here to watch the conversation). The show features works by Ana Mazzei, Charbel Joseph H. Boutros, Lydia Okumura, Philippe Van Snick, Regina Vater, Ricardo Basbaum and Robert Barry, and can be visited in person and online, through a viewing room.

The exhibition highlights a selection of works who in the individuality of their expression testify to the wide range of media and styles that reaffirm the importance of imagination, speculation and public participation in the construction and the incorporation of subjects that permeate contemporary works of art. INCOMPLETE showcases artists from different generations and, in collaboration with the Philippe van Snick Estate, draw the first connections among a Belgium artist and the gallery program. The show borrows its title from a work specifically developed by Robert Barry for his 2019 solo show at Galeria Jaqueline Martins in São Paulo.

Check out bellow a quote by Ana Mazzei and another by Ricardo Basbaum shared in the viewing room:

“Regardless of the things I would choose to create, my practice is focused on trying to understand something about representation, space and people. From the beginning, I was somehow aware of this, but perhaps because I was not worried about finding a “theme” for what I was doing, for some time I could not understand exactly what would bring all those things that interested me so much. I try to organize my imaginative (imaginary) world as if it were a diorama organizing architecture and objects” – Ana Mazzei.

“Having lived the 1980s, at a time when the market was growing in a very aggressive way, I developed a certain resistance to these mechanisms. Although I think the market is a space you should always try to occupy – since there’s no precise line indicating where it ends and where it starts – at the same time I was developing a practice that protected me a little from certain commercial mechanisms that seemed very simplistic, very summary” – Ricardo Basbaum.

To visit the viewing room, click here.

Ricardo Basbaum: “INTERFERÊNCIAS POSTAIS RIO DE JANEIRO”, 1985, acrylic paint on post cards, 136 x 17 cm

, featuring Ana Mazzei and Ricardo Basbaum
From April 16th to May 22nd

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