Photo by Eduardo Ortega

Last days to visit the OVR of Lucia Laguna’s solo show “Se hace camino al andar”

The Carpintaria gallery presents, until May 15th, Se hace camino al andar, Lucia Laguna’s solo exhibition showing in person at the gallery in Rio de Janeiro, but also in an Online Viewing Room. The exhibition is comprised by ten paintings that, according to the independent curator Victor Gorgulho, “make up a powerful set of compositions characterized for the density of elements and the profusion of figures. If a peculiar hybrid of figuration and abstraction has always been at stake in Laguna’s work, this connection is even more intricately and complexly displayed in this new series”.

The show’s title is a verse taken from a 1939 poem by Antonio Machado, “Caminante no hay camino”. As explained by Gorgulho on the exhibition’s text, the poem:

“lends its title to the exhibition as it poetically evokes Laguna’s process. Employing a collaborative form of painting, the artist allows her assistants to initiate the work on the then blank canvas, onto which they outline compositions and insert graphic signs and sketches. The artist then takes control of a rambling that happens through the constant addition and subtraction of whatever is on the canvas. From this journey throughout the surface, result her ingenious compositions, actual palimpsests of days gone by. Garden and painting merge, transforming into analogous organisms, both alive”.

In the work of Lucia Laguna, the observation of the world surrounding her studio, located in São Francisco Xavier, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, is key to understanding her painting. In the OVR you can also watch a videointerview with Marcelo Campos, chief curator of Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), about the artist’s production.

To visit Lucia Laguna’s OVR, click here.

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