Photograph taken from the Museo Experimental El Eco's website

“Primera plana”: Marilá Dardot’s solo show outside of the exhibition space

(Mexico City, Mexico)

Taking place until June 4th, Primera plana (First page), Marilá Dardot‘s solo show at Museo Experimental El Eco, initiates a program that seeks to articulate the museum with the civic dynamics that happens outside of it, proposing crossovers between the possibilities of the digital platforms, the site-specific work and the artistic research. In a moment when the pandemic limited the possibilities of the exhibition space, El Eco leaves its architecture to create interactions with multiple environments: historical, political, cultural, artistic and poetic.

Over a month, the artist will follow a daily routine which consists of carefully reading the main newspapers of the country (Mexico) to choose and cut out sentences, words or abbreviations that designate the collective subjects and the social forces that inhabit those spaces. In that way, the words selected by her become a big ongoing collage that is fed everyday intervening in the logic and aesthetic of advertising communication.

This work depicts from a poetic dimension the collective forces that move the country’s history: the ones that stay forever, the ones that return and those that emerge everyday. By removing these characters from the informative contexts and showing them as historical subjects, Marilá Dardot intends to promote a reflection about the role they play on the construction of our society.

The project happens in nine advertising spaces in Mexico City: LED screens located in Metrobús stations, which are important flow and connectivity spots of the city. Moreover, the program also has an important virtual component consisting of videos that are daily published on the museum’s and the artist’s Instagram stories.

(This text was translated to English from the Museum’s website. You can read the original text, in Spanish, clicking here).

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