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“Leilões de Arte na Era Digital”: PIPA Podcast’s new episode featuring Maura Marvão

In this week’s episode of PIPA Podcast, we talked to Maura Marvão, consultant and international specialist at Phillips, the fourth biggest auction house in the world. Maura formerly worked at the United Nations and at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, in New York, and she is the funder and president of the Portuguese segment of the National Museum for Women in the Arts, located in Washington. She is an specialist in 2oth century art and contemporary art.

Mariana Casagrande, the podcast’s host, is joined by Lucrécia Vinhaes, member of the board of PIPA Institute and coordinator of PIPA Prize, and Luiz Camillo Osorio, PIPA Institute’s curator and professor at PUC-Rio university. The three of them asked Maura about her professional trajectory, which led her to the art and auctions universe; about her work at Phillips; the implications of the pandemic for the auction house, as well as the dynamics of virtual auctions; Brazilian art in the international market; among other topics.

Check out bellow one of Maura Marvão’s quotes during the episode:

“As the auctions are the public mirror of the market, they reflect what’s happening in the world. […] The only way to publicly measure the artworks’ values is through auctions, with all of the good and all of the bad that comes with that. The auctions are public, so the results are also public […]”.

Listen to the episode now here or access it on the streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple podcast, or visit our Youtube channel ‘Prêmio PIPA’. The audio is only available in Portuguese.

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