“Second Wave”: a selection of video works about the time we are living in

Available until July 14th, and on air since May 19th, Second Wave is a specially curated selection of 19 video works by emerging artists from different parts of the world. It was conceived as a response to Covideo’s original gesture of providing an expanded reading of the particular time in history we are witnessing. This time, the intention is to reflect on how the current global scenario impacted young artists at the early stages of their careers, and the curatorial team is comprised of Amanda Abi Kahlil, Bianca Bernardo, Cherine Karam, Jael Arazi and Mariane Germano.

You can read more about the idea behind Second Wave bellow on a text shared by the Covideo team:

Since March 2020, a new collective imaginary has developed. Words such as wave, isolation, loneliness, distance, care and collectivity have acquired different meanings. They became like symbols of a new lifestyle, shared by billions of people around the globe. Covideo’s Second Wave, therefore, presents an organic array of videos contributing to the understanding of this new imaginary which we are all a part of, as well as to the registry of this important chapter of art history through its narratives.

We aim to come together once again in the face of forced isolation and distance. For this reason, we decided to dedicate this space to emerging artists and art students to respond to the neglect and the lack of visibility that may have affected them during the past year. Hopefully, these brilliant artworks and the diverse themes they touch upon will inspire a conversation and a deeper reflection on our present moment and the most pressing social matters affecting various parts of the world.

The works were selected through an open call and will be featured on the platform for nine weeks, between May 19 and July 14. Each week, two videos will be up on Covideo’s website featuring a special theme.

The Covideo19 platform hosted, from March 21 until July 21, 2020, one contemporary art video a day, no longer than 19 minutes. The videos were selected by three curators – Amanda Abi Kahlil, Bianca Bernardo and Cherine Karam – with the idea of causing a “Covid-19 contaminated reading of 118 contemporary art videos”. The participating artists were both emerging and established and from more than 20 countries, focusing on the global south.

Amanda Abi Kahlil participated in one of PIPA podcast’s episodes, in which she discussed the platform and shared more about it. Listen here to “Online Curatorship”, the tenth episode of the first season.

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