Banisteria Caapi (Desnatureza 4)

Triennial Bruges features Henrique Oliveira

(Brussels, Belgium)

From May 8th till Oct 24th, 2021, Triennial Bruges brings contemporary art and architecture to Brussels, Belgium. For its third edition, Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA delves beneath the surface, in search of the hidden dimensions of the city. For many, Bruges is a dream destination, seemingly picture perfect, but is it? Does the fabulous city that is Bruges also have a downside? And if so, dare we show it? Thirteen national and international artists and architects pondered this very question. They went in search of life behind the stately facades, how Bruges is experienced and lived. Their artistic interventions form a trail of imagination and wonder. They take you to places that oscillate between dream and reality, between what is real and what is delusional.

One of the participating artists is Henrique Oliveira, with Banisteria Caapi (Desnatureza 4). The hidden archaeological remains of the first medieval city wall inspired Oliveira’s contribution. The wooden branches of Banisteria Caapi (Desnatureza 4) crawl over the stone edge to the water. It seems as if nature has free rein behind the walled gardens, but his installation is misleading. The branches are artificial and mimic nature in a masterful way. The artist subtly plays with what we see in the city every day and what lies behind that reality. And how our lives can be determined, or guided, by things that are unconsciously present in our environment.


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