“Veridical shadows, or the unfoldings of a deceptive physicality”, by Daniel de Paula

(Brussels, Belgium)

“Veridical shadows, or the unfoldings of a deceptive physicality”, the first exhibition by Daniel de Paula at Jaqueline Martins gallery in Brussels, Belgium, juxtaposes a variety of objects, including sculptures, a museological artifact on loan from the collection of the Centre Céramique in Maastricht, collages, and a video-installation, in attempt to give continuation to the artist’s critical investigations upon the abstract forces within capitalism that produce infrastructural space and reproduce violent social relations. The exhibition is due to July 31st, 2021.

The multiple propositions of Daniel de Paula intend to reflect upon the production of space as the reproduction of dynamics of power, thus revealing critical investigations concerning the political, social, economic, historical, and bureaucratic structures that shape both places and relationships. Through a posture that is not imprisoned in the field of visual arts, his practice and production are intersected by notions of geography, geology, architecture, and urbanism, revealing his interest in understanding the complex social form hidden within the materiality. By means of strategies such as extensive negotiations with and between public and private agencies; the appropriation, displacement, and decontextualization of everyday objects; interactions with agents that constitute the exhibition space and its surroundings, de Paula’s works propose re-significations of rigid and conditioned spatial systems. Such procedures end up emphasizing the indivisibility between the physicality of his works and the contexts from which they arise, reiterating the criticism of the violent socio-political vectors that inscribe meaning into our lives.



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