Guilherme Peters: "Penalty", 2019, soccer ball molded by cement and oil on wall, variable dimensions

“Arte e Futebol”: PIPA Podcast’s new episode featuring Lula Wanderley, Pedro Duarte and Luiz Camillo Osorio

In this week’s episode of PIPA Podcast, we talked to Lula Wanderley, artist, psychiatrist and director of the video “Arte é o futebol sem bola”, and Pedro Duarte, Doctor of Philosophy and professor at PUC-Rio university, and we were joined by the curator of the PIPA Institute, Luiz Camillo Osorio. The guests discussed the aesthetic and artistic aspects of football, addressing the sport’s plastic experience and the elements that constitute it beyond the goal.

The conversation started from the text “Soccer and Art”, posted in January 22nd, 2021, in which Camillo reflects on the art of filming football. After the death of one of the biggest players in history, the Argentine Diego Maradona, the curator compares 20th century football with the one watched today and monitored by the VAR, and he also analyzes the “camera that wants to show what is not seen” so much on the field as on movie screens and art installations depicting the sport.

Check out bellow one of Luiz Camillo Osorio’s quotes during the episode:

“Football is the sport that, despite adapting to mechanical, physical and tactical intensity, is still exposed to improvisation and risk; is still this place of tragic experience”.

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