Check out the changes in PIPA 2021 edition

Do you already know what is different in PIPA Prize in 2021? We continue with our mission to promote and stimulate Brazilian art, but in this twelfth edition, we chose to look from a new perspective at recent artistic production. Check it out below:

  • After 11 years of awarding better-known artists from the national art circuit, we decided that the nominated artists in 2021 should have a career no longer than 10 years;
  • This year, instead of having a single winner, we have five. The five Selected Artists, chosen by the Board, will each receive a donation of R$10.000 so that all of them are equally supported;
  • The Selected Artists’ Exhibition will take place in the virtual space. Between September 13th and October 16th, the five of them will do a virtual take over with exclusive content on the Prize’s websites and social media, and on the Preview platform (of which the critic and curator Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro is one of the founders);
  • The Selected Artists will not be asked to donate an artwork to the Institute.
  • The five awarded artists will be given a special space on the PIPA 2021 catalog, with exclusive critical texts.

The changes in PIPA 2021 are in line with our desire to include more artists in the Prize’s trajectory and, through specific acquisitions, to diversify and pluralize the works in our collection. We want to distribute the Institute’s resources more widely and encourage other artists who have already gone through previous editions, commissioning and intensifying the acquisition of new works.


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