“Geração Maloney” , 2016, Fundo Branco Dona Ursula Maloney. Porto Velho, 60×40.

Find out new pages and video interviews of PIPA 2021 nominees

The pages of the artists nominated for the PIPA Prize are gradually fed with content related to their work. Each participant has its page, in which there is information about its trajectory, images, texts, and/or videos about the works. These pages serve as a catalog of contemporary Brazilian art and can be updated by the artist at any time.

In this post, we present some pages of the 64 names of PIPA 2021.

Artur Cabral Reis

Artur Cabral is a computer artist and researcher. Bachelor in Visual Arts at the University of Brasília (2018), Master (2020) and PhD in Contemporary Art at PPG-Arte at UnB within the line of research in Art and Technology. He is part of the Medialab / UNB team, where in his research he explores the relationship between machines and natural lives through interfaces and computational poetics.

He participated in collectives in several cities in Brazil and abroad (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Goiânia and Lisbon). His poetic works are guided by the computational emergence, ranging from software, artistic installations and interactive objects. He is also a producer of detect, seminars and workshops within the Art and Technology theme.

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Daniella Domingues

Daniella Domingues is a Brazilian artist and graphic designer working with a wide range of media. Through video, sculpture, drawing, writing, photography and publications Daniella investigates human relation with time and its materiality, often linked to the territory and its flows. Her works have been shown in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, such as Topologies of an Ad Hoc Future (Platforms Project, Athens, Greece, 2018); When a wave rolls out and the next has not yet broken (Akademie Schloss Solitude Project Space, Stuttgart, Germany, 2017); Parking Lot (Kunsthalle São Paulo, Brazil, 2013), and the Annual Exhibition Program (MARP, Ribeirão Preto, 2013). In 2014, she was an artist in residence at Paradise AiR, Matsudo-shi, Japan. In 2017, Daniella received the Illy Caffè Grant for the UNIDEE Program at Cittadellarte / Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy.

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Denilson Baniwa

Sometimes, the challenge isn’t occupying positions. When the positions that exist don’t serve your purpose, it’s necessary to create something new. Denison Baniwa is an indigenous artist, he is indigenous and is an artist. His indigenous being allows him to make art in a different kind of way, in which imaginary processes are forced interventions in a dynamic history (the history of the colonisation of indigenous territories we now know as Brasil) and the interpolations with those that embrace its responsibilities.

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Jaider Esbell

Jaider Esbell (1979, Normandia – RR), from the Macuxi people, is a multimedia artist and independent curator. The cosmovision of its people, mythical narratives and everyday life in the Amazon make up the poetics of his work that unfolds in drawings, paintings, videos, performances and texts. Defining his artistic propositions as “artivism”, Esbell’s research combines intersectional discussions between art, ancestry, spirituality, history, memory, politics and ecology. His elaborations on “txaísmo” – a way of weaving affective affinity relationships in the intercultural art circuits based on indigenous protagonism – are highlighted. In the field of decolonial criticism, his trajectory and practical research show what is generally experienced strictly at the level of discourse. He carries out art-education practices in indigenous, “quilombola”, “ribeirinhos” (riverside) and peripheral urban communities, acting especially in articulations with indigenous artists from the circum-Roraima region from his gallery of contemporary indigenous art in the city of Boa Vista. Since 2010 he has been circulating in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

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Laiza Ferreira

The artist starts from fiction, non-linear temporalities, ancestral memories and the recreation of worlds through resignified image fragments. Using the collage of photographs, analogically or digitally, it appropriates images found in personal files, mining and search sites for the creation and reconnection of ancestral memories, in a process of decolonizing the image, the look and the photographic language. The symbolic load of portraits of different peoples and ethnicities, landscapes and astronomical elements are mixed with residues, traces, pixels and granulations of files of different resolutions. She has works exhibited in physical and digital media in Brazil, Colombia and Spain and in 2020 she won the Margin Fotografia Potiguar Award.

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Marcela Bonfim

Do we really know who we are? How many times do we look in the mirror and identify our ancestral features there? Some people create an image that does not represent them, but that is accepted by society or sometimes they simply prefer to break the mirror and not face themselves. This mirror was often broken by photographer Marcela Bonfim, 38 years old from the city of Jaú, São Paulo state, today recognized as a black woman and resident in the city of Porto Velho, Rondônia, for 11 years.

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Marina RB

Marina RB is a visual artist and researcher. She moves between performance, photography, video, installation, sewing, engraving, drawing, painting and beyond, always embracing new media according to the demands of the work. From a subjective perspective, integrated and attentive to the collective, her practical and theoretical investigations privilege the capacity of worldmaking that images possess. Articulating the duo fact/fiction to construct her artworks, she is an explorer of the folds and layers of the body and time.

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Ruth Albernaz

Ruth Albernaz (Cuiabá, MT, 1972) is an artist-biologist with ‘caboclo’ origin, post doctoral student in Teaching in Amazon (forest), IFMT, 2021; Doctor in Biodiversity and Biotechnology, 2016; self-taught in art, with research and artistic production focused on the connections between human beings/nature; shamanism, blessings, healing/caring, ancestral knowledge and conservation of sociobiodiversity. She produces paintings, objects, installations and illustrations. She makes exhibitions and curatorship to contribute to sensitive sharing, reinventing the world and re-existing in dark times. She lives in Chapada dos Guimarães and Cuiabá, Mato Grosso.

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