Clarissa Tossin: 'Becoming Mineral' (detail), 2021, terracotta and porcelain, 18 x 10 x 5 cm, photo: Brica Wilcox

Clarissa Tossin reflects on the world’s current state in “Circumnavigation towards exhaustion”

(Mulhouse, France)

Until October 31st, Clarissa Tossin presents the solo exhibition Circumnavigation jusqu’à épuisement (Circumnavigation towards exhaustion) at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse.

Read parts of the exhibition’s press release below:

“Planet Earth is in a state of panic as a direct consequence of the industrialized, profit-driven, globally interconnected world created by humans. Our unwavering faith in progress has guided the industrial developments of the past three centuries. Today, as the world burns, we must rethink the course ahead.

For Clarissa Tossin, there is no turning back, nor is the world we have wrought in the 21st century an acceptable foundation for the future. We are the products of consumer society, and the artist demonstrates this lineage while confronting us with the perverse absurdity of the world we are building and leaving to posterity. Through her sculptures, photographs, and installations, Tossin reflects on humans as the main agents in the global industrial complex—a system humans alone have brought about, for which humanity bears sole responsibility. We will leave our traces, the refuse of a civilization that has produced and consumed a great many artificial materials. Plastic and transformed metals will remain long after we are gone. Future archaeologists will judge our actions and methods.

But Tossin is no judge. She looks forward, and what she sees today is not an end in itself but a crisis stage to be overcome. […] In Circumnavigation Towards Exhaustion, Clarissa Tossin tackles issues which, like materials and ideas, circulate from one end of the world to the other, ultimately affecting every one of us, even in our daily lives”.

To know more about the solo show, click here.

“Circumnavigation jusqu’à épuisement”, featuring Clarissa Tossin
From July 1st to October 31, 2021

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