Henrique Oliveira presents a site-specific installation inspired by one of Andersen’s fairy tales

(Fionia, Denmark)

H.C. Andersen’s House foundation – dedicated to the work of Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen – has opened a new space in Odense and invited Henrique Oliveira and other eleven international artists to create a site-specific installation inspired by one of Andersen’s fairy tales. Oliveira chose “The Tinder Box” as the reference. The artistic experience gathers architecture, art, design, light, sound, and a stream of images that will create new encounters between each visitor and Andersen’s fairytales. The exhibitions are developed by H. C. Andersen’s House and the various artists in collaboration with the British design agency Event Communications.

A banal tree, the antithesis of the fantastic ones normally found in these stories, gradually reveals its patched nature composed by other dead trees. The contemporary paradox of the immense effort that humanity needs to pursue what has always been natural, finds in this moment of time-space, an opening where the imagination touches the concrete reality of the challenges expecting the new generations.“⁣
— Henrique Oliveira⁣


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