Regina Parra participates in the site-specific installation “My Home Your Home”

(New York, NY)

In collaboration with Monira Foundation, the home gallery presents My Home Your Home, a site-specific installation by four artists of Monira Foundation’s residency program, including the Brazilian artist Regina Parra. The installation has been on display since the beginning of August, and it will be until the end of the month, on August 30th. Throughout the four weeks, each artist will build upon the previous work, resulting in a visual conversation on the notion of home. Check out bellow more about My Home Your Home:

“Home is an idea we tell ourselves about who we are and who and what we want to be. What can a home become when it is no longer a place but an idea of where we belong and what secures us in the world? Through this 4 week-long installation, artists Lorenzo Brusci, Anne Muntges, Regina Parra and Rashad Wright, and more will build a weekly changing exhibition, an exquisite corpse, looking to find meaning and connections between their works about what home is for themselves and others”.

To know more about the home gallery, read bellow the description they have on the “About” tab of their website:

“home is currently a window, hopefully, a conversation.

prompted by conversations between artists during the lockdown in 2020, home is a tiny gesture as a result of these exchanges. we aren’t arrogant to believe we alone have the answers to a better post-covid, post-trump world. but we hope to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and empowered to speak and exchange ideas. these conversations hopefully aren’t isolated, tribal nor hierarchical.

naming a gallery is tough, but maybe the best name is just to be straightforward and sincere. this world hasn’t felt like home to many, especially with the recent wars and nationalist policies. we hope humanity can do better and we are hopeful art can somehow play a part in forming this better future.

currently, home is at 291 Grand Street in the Lower East Side of New York City. the conversations are accessible 24/7″.

“My Home Your Home”, featuring Regina Parra
August 1rst until August 30th, 2021

home gallery
291 Grand Street New York, NY, USA

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